Sunday, 10 July 2016

Custom Writing: All about Milestones and Momentum

Unbeatable Writing Practice

Anthony Trollope, the writer of 47 novels, 18 works of non-fiction, 12 short stories, 2 plays and variety of articles has achieved remarkable productivity by strictly following 15-Minute routine, as discussed in the article published by Huff Post Healthy Living. It is all about pace after all. The faster you write the more content you can generate to produce more pages. Trollope believed in writing by keeping his watch in front, constantly timing the number of words that according to him should be 250 every quarter of an hour. With such steady goal, he would end up writing over 10 pages every day and produce around 3 novels every year. What a wonderful tactic to pursue writing with such an amazing output.

Speed Compromises Quality

Now that is extraordinarily outstanding. However, I beg to differ from his strategy of writing with the reservations that how can the writer ace maintaining the quality of content by his entire focus being on hitting the set time. May be this technique works for the experienced writers but for an average author who create custom content, it might not be such a turn on. The entire concentration of focus on keeping up the tempo is bound to affect the inculcation of feelings and scenarios in the setting of the novel that keeps the reader engrossed and connected with the writer. No wonder why preferences have to be defined before writing.

Set and Conquer Landmarks

If you get seriously stuck while trying to accomplish big writing goals, Trollope’s strategy can be pretty rewarding. Break your task! Split the writing, focusing on the major aspects first. This will aid you in achieving the desired results with whole of your energy directed towards completing the task of highest significance. So, the key to finish the enormous custom writing service assignment is to priorities your work, setting targets for as long as months and as short as couple of hours. Meeting your timetable accurately will keep you away from frustrations of getting caught up in the intricate details, which are required to be discussed. The feeling of meeting the set target is in itself very rewarding and comforting, giving you the boost to start focusing on the other.

Keep up with the Rhythm

The most crucial part is to keep moving despite of the short or long milestones that you are able to cover. This is the trick behind getting your books and writings published. Trollope, without a doubt, shared the insight of preferring to follow the 15-Minute writing strategy. It is not entirely directed towards improvising the speed of the writer however, the idea is to provide the author with a progress meter that indicates the accomplishment of the task to be executed within the short deadline. In this manner, the writer constantly has a result to cherish for after every short interval that keeps him going without building immense pressure. For praiseworthy custom writing, it is essential that the writer has strong hold over the multifaceted dynamics of writing.  


  1. Trollope’s strategy seems very alluring despite of the fact that this strategy is not so handy for the average writers. It requires years of practice and experience to pull out such an extraordinary task with such ease.

  2. We believe your point of view is valid. The article also emphasizes upon this notion. However, few techniques extracted are thought to be quite helpful while trying to accomplish writing such huge assignments.

  3. Sense of accomplishment really keeps the writer going. It is not easy to keep your focus on writing for a longer period. I defer with Trollope’s idea of 15-Minute writing strategy and believe that writing without taking breaks can compromise on the quality of the writing, stealing away the pleasure from the content.